Seminar@TCD: Interacting is Performing, Dr. Michael Nitsche, Georgia Tech.

On behalf of Mads Haahr:

TCD School of Computer Science & Statistics – Seminar Notice

Speaker: Associate Professor Michael Nitsche

Institution:  School of Literature, Communication and Culture, Georgia Institute of Technology

Title:  Interacting is Performing
Date: Friday June 1st 2012
Time: 14:00 with tea, coffee and biscuits afterwards
Location: Large Conference Room, O’Reilly Institute, Trinity College, Dublin 2


 Abstract: Interacting is Performing

An argument for expressive forms of interaction and how they play out in our physical surroundings. The talk will present background and examples from the work at the Digital World and Image Group at Georgia Tech. We combine performance into our interaction design for various technologies, including web, mobile, and physical prototypes. The talk should be of some interest to students in interaction design, digital humanities, and those who look beyond individual technologies for their digital media design.

Bio: Michael Nitsche works as Associate Professor in Digital Media at the School of Literature, Communication & Culture (LCC) at the Georgia Institute of Technology where he teaches mainly on issues of space and digital media and performance as interaction. He is fascinated by the intersection of the digital with the physical domain and explores this borderline area in video games, mobile technology, and digital performances. He directs the Digital World and Image Group, which received funding by the NSF as well as industry partners such as Google and Alcatel Lucent.  Nitsche has contributed to numerous journals and conferences, his books Video Game Spaces (Cambridge, 2009) and The Machinima Reader (Cambridge, 2011) (co-edited with Henry Lowood) were published at MIT.

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