Seminar at UL: Prof. Barbara Czarniawska, “‘Nomadic Work as Life Story Plot’

The third and last event of the 4th NWL International Seminar Series is on Monday at 3.00pm. A few places are still available, so if you are interested in attending this seminar, please register for it by contacting

In this seminar Professor Barbara Czarniawska from the University of Gothenburg, Sweden will be presenting the paper ‘Nomadic Work as Life Story Plot’.

When: Mon 10th October (3.00-4.30pm)
Where: UL (room CSG-001, Computer Science & Information Systems Department)

Interviews aimed at a reconstruction of working life-stories of “digital immigrants” and “digital natives” revealed that, unsurprisingly, such stories are emplotted with aid of existing repertoires. What is interesting, though is that “nomadic plots” can be borrowed from opposite political repertoires, and that they cease serving as effective interpretative templates in the face of changing circumstances, such as the financial crisis. A focus group consisting of alleged “nomads” indicated that the choice of such life plot is related to such matter as family circumstances and political situation in the early childhood, as well as a gender-mitigated present family situation. Others studies focusing on the youngest generation reveal that the nomadic work as life story plot does not loose its attraction. Narrative analysis suggests, however, that the notions of “digital immigrants” and “nomadic work” are more complex than its use in the media may suggest.

Speaker’s short bio:
Barbara Czarniawska is a professor in Managing Overflow at the School of Business, Economics and Law, Gothenburg Research Institute University of Gothenburg; a Visiting Research Fellow at the Sloan School of Management, MIT, USA, London School of Economics and Political Science and Wissenschaftszentrum Berlin; a Scholar-in-Residence at Rockefeller Foundation, Bellagio, Italy; a Fellow at Centre for Cultural Sociology, Yale University; and a Visiting Professor at Università di Roma, La Sapienza. She holds a MA in Social and Industrial Psychology, Warsaw University, 1970 and a Economic Sciences, Warsaw School of Economics, 1976. She is member of the Swedish Royal Academy of Sciences, the Swedish Royal Engineering Academy, the Royal Society of Art and Sciences in Göteborg and the Finnish Society of Sciences and Letters. She received the Lily and Sven Thuréus Technical-Economic Award for internationally renowned research in organisation theory, 2000 and a Wihuri International Prize in 2003, “in recognition of creative work that has specially furthered and developed the cultural and economic progress of mankind.” In 2003 she has been elected to an Honorary Fellow of the European Institute of Advanced Studies, Brussels. Stockholm School of Economics bestowed on her the title of Oeconomiae doctor honoris causa in September 2005; Copenhagen Business School made her Doctor Mercaturae Honoris Causa in March 2006; Helsinki School of Economics made her an Honorary Doctor of Science (Economics) in May 2006. Her latest books in English are Shadowing and other techniques for doing fieldwork in modern societies (2007) and A theory of organizing (2008).


The 4th NWL International Seminar Series: ‘Work practices, Nomadicity and ICT Mediation’ is organised by Fabiano Pinatti and Dr. Luigina Ciolfi on behalf of the Nomadic Work/Life in the Knowledge Economy project team ( The seminars are co-sponsored by the Interaction Design Centre – Department of Computer Science & Information Systems and by the Department of Sociology of the University of Limerick.

We would like to acknowledge and thank our main funder, ISSP and the Higher Education Authority under the Programme for Research in Third Level Institutions, Cycle 4.

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