Irish CHI online event

The SIGCHI Ireland chapter will host an online event to celebrate the work produced by Irish Universities that was accepted, and should have been presented, at CHI 2020 in Hawaii. We are inviting authors to make a 5-minute presentation of their work. We will set up a zoom call and run it as an online conference.

Date: Friday June 12th
Time: 2pm-4pm.
Platform: Zoom. We will send details to those who express interest.

If you wish to present your work:
•    You must send an email to clearly identifying your name and which paper you will present
•    We will prioritise full papers, but feel free to put forward an LBW paper, alt.chi paper, workshop contribution etc. and we will schedule as many of those as we can in the available time.
•    Your presentation must be no longer that 5 minutes, and we will have a couple minutes for questions afterwards. We realise this is very short for a presentation, but keep in mind that the paper is already published and accessible to all attendees, so just focus on communicating the core contribution of the work. You can make use of the chat function to provide links to the paper and other supporting materials.
•    Hawaiian virtual backgrounds strongly encouraged for presentations

If you just wish to attend the event:

•    We will tweet and mail the zoom link to the irish HCI mailing list on the day of the event.
•    If for some reason you can not access the ihci list, send an email to saying so, and we will send you an email with the zoom link on the day of the event.

Best regards: Conor, David, Ben & Gavin.

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