Seminar: Virtual Reality and Serious Games for Safety Training and Education: Design and Evaluation aspects

Luca Chittaro
Human-Computer Interaction Lab
University of Udine, Italy

ORI LCR, 29th August 12:00.


Virtual reality (VR) experiences and serious games, i.e. video games to further training and education objectives, are increasingly used in a variety of domains, including health and safety. However, compared to entertainment games, the design and evaluation of such applications is more complex because it needs to take into account additional, multidisciplinary factors (e.g., persuasive communication and attitude change). In this talk, I will introduce and illustrate how we addressed some of these factors, aiming at improving the theoretical grounding as well as the practical effectiveness of VR experiences and serious games for safety education. I will also demonstrate applications of the proposed ideas to real-world problems. In particular, I will illustrate in detail our projects on safety education of aircraft passengers, which have been supported by grants of the US FAA (Federal Aviation Administration).

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